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Adult Exploration

Message from our Director of Religious Education, Jaye Williams

WilliamsJaye250Connie Goodbread, UUA staff member serving the Southern Region on the Congregational Life Staff Team, , led a UUCOV-hosted “Teaching As Relationship” workshop for DREs and those involved in all aspects of religious education. Congregants and leaders from around the state participated. It was a powerful and thought provoking day.
From Connie, we learned the Mantra of the Southern Region

Faith Development is all we do.
Unitarian Universalism is the faith we teach.
The congregation is the curriculum.

Over the summer, I will share various sources and ideas Connie presented as it relates to RE learning and teaching; among them is James Fowler's Stages of Faith. Here are the summary descriptive words for each, but I encourage you to explore these stages online to better understand them.

Stage 0 - (birth to 2 yrs.) Love and Trust
Stage 1 - (ages 3-7) Trusting and Loving
Stage 2 - (7-12, mostly) Truth
Stage 3 - (12-adulthood) Proof of Truth
Stage 4 - (mid-20's-late 30's) My Own Truth
Stage 5 - (mid-life crisis) Truth is a Difficult Concept
Stage 6 - All Truth is One Truth

How many of these stages have you already moved through ? How might our RE programming for all age levels support faith development?