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More Focus on Preparing for the Future

HandsOldYoungDuring November and December, the Caring Team and ARE offered a series of sessions focused on issues of Aging and End-of-Life. Potential topics for future sessions emerged as questions were asked. Two of these topics will be featured in February:

“Guiding a Care Giver” will be held on Feb. 6th , 1pm in the Sanctuary. Paula Falk, Director of Caregiving Services for Sarasota County, provides support services of various types at the Friendship Center in both Venice and Sarasota. She will help guide us through a booklet, “Prepare to Care: A Planning Guide for Families.”

This session is for you if you have been wondering what you need to share with the person who will be stepping in to help you or your loved one. Since a crisis can occur at any age or in any place, there is not one person in our congregation who can afford to ignore these issues!

Physician-assisted death will be the focus of two sessions during the last week of February. On Mon., Feb. 20th, 1pm, we’ll show the video, “How to Die in Oregon”. Oregon adopted ‘Death with Dignity’ legislation in the mid-1990’s. This video shows how the law has been implemented in Oregon and touches, as well, on the adoption of similar legislation in the neighboring state of Washington.

On Friday, Feb. 24th, 1pm, we are fortunate to be hosting a presentation by Winnie Downes, who is the face of the Sarasota Chapter of Compassion and Choices. This organization is responsible for much of the volunteer work associated with physician-assisted death in states where it is permitted. Ms. Downes will be able to help us understand what is currently possible in Florida.

In March other topics will be addressed: “Trusts, Wills and Other Legal Issues” and “Questions You Should Be Asking Your Physician.” Watch for specific dates and times.