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Message from our Director of Religious Education (2)

Jays WilliamsDifferent and Difficult
I was going to use the word challenging instead of difficult, but for me difficult was a better fit. Last September Connie Goodbread, UUA Southern Regional Congregational Life Staff team member, wrote an article that I printed and have been carrying around in my notebook and looking at now and again. The focus was UU as a covenantal faith. Covenant is what makes us different from many other religious traditions. I have participated in enough UU groups now that I have been a part of writing the Covenant to guide the group's participants. As Connie states, "the writing is the easiest part".

The difficult comes in when Covenant is broken.

Connie states, " In order for us to come back into Covenant we must lean into one another, stay at the table, and work it out. If that cannot happen, someone is leaving." I have certainly thought at times, "well it sure would be easier or more fun or productive or successful if those "other people" wouldn't say, act, like or believe that". Our UU faith provides us at its core with a commitment to one another, even when it gets tough. We practice at our congregation level something beautiful and loving. I believe it serves us not only in our congregational life, but the wider world of which we are a part.

I think the timing of the “UU and You” and “A Long Strange Trip” classes is perfect for this moment. For those of you with a long history with UU and those that have just joined us, I encourage you to gather at one or both of these courses. Our history built this faith and coming together to share it might just provide us with essential tools to meet and take positive, loving action when things seem difficult.