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Adult Exploration

Adult Exploration programs include Sunday Forums; classes to educate, open new horizons, and enrich your spiritual journey; monthly discussion groups on various topics; and more. Any programs that offer the opportunity for development of a personal philosophy to live by will encourage open dialogue on questions of beliefs and spiritual practice.

Adult Exploration News


agwdsl final vertAston Gardens hosts a monthly UUCOV Adult Education Program; Jaye Williams will lead the Tuesday, February 27th discussion,10-11am. UUCOVers and friends are welcome to join the sessions; they are held in the Ballroom,, 1000 Aston Gardens Drive, Venice.

From Our Director of Religious Education

Do You Dare?
The second UU Common Read for this year is Daring Democracy: Igniting Power, Meaning and Connection for the America We Want by Frances MooreWilliamsJaye150 Lappe and Adam Eichen. I knew I recognized Frances Moore Lappe's name and, sure enough, I read her Diet for a Small Planet many moons ago. Between you and me, a copy was recently donated to the UUCOV Library, if you missed it the first time around. It turns out that Ms. Moore Lappe and Mr. Eichen came to know one another through a chance conversation and that is how the "intergenerational duo" came to collaborate on the book.
One page in the book (p.102) speaks to how humans thrive best.
Keys points are:
                        -a sense of power (our voices count)
                        -feeling our lives have meaning (beyond our own survival)
                        -a satisfying connection with others
Do you agree with these points? On a personal level, can you reply yes, to all three? I wonder what "satisfying connection" might mean for us on an individual level. Is our RE program succeeding in advancing us toward these goals on an individual, congregational, wider community level?
See you at the book discussion on February 27th.

Message from our Director of Religious Education

So Many Choices-
Often followed by, "so little time". I hear this much more often around UUCOV as we head into our January-April time of year. So, I invite all of us: say itWilliamsJaye250 loud, say it softly, out of the side of our mouth, with glee, through gritted teeth, and with joy in our hearts. So many choices, so little time!
I find myself in a constant mental looping "cost/benefit analysis" of these many choices presented for my attention during the season. It goes something like: "Will it really be worth my time?" "If I leave that program early, maybe I can do both." "This program sounds so fun, but shouldn't I staff the table on that vital political issue instead?" "With the traffic the way it is now, it's going to take forever to get up/down to that program."
I am inviting myself to shut down that mental loop in 2018 and to choose to trust that I will make wise choices involving my time. I will be in attendance where I am supposed to be and I will be mindful of how I benefit from being there.
I look forward to seeing you at UUCOV programming and other opportunities throughout our community. I also look forward to hearing that you chose lunch with a friend, a walk on the beach, time with your kids, or curled up with a book.
Jaye Williams, DRE

Chalice Circles

UUCOV Chalice CirclesEver wanted to explore topics of spiritual importance with a small group of fellow congregants, but just couldn’t face a years-long commitment? This winter, come join in a new small-group ministry we’re calling Chalice Circles (not exactly Spiritual Fellowship Groups but similar). These covenant-based Chalice Circles will meet regularly over a period of a few months before breaking up to reform with different members, allowing groups to continually be renewed and participants to get to know new people.
Interested? An organizational meeting will be held on Thursday, January 11, 2018, from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm in the Sanctuary. Questions? Rev. Khleber Van Zandt, .

Your Role in an Age-Friendly Community

Dr. Kathy BlackCaring and Remembrance Team is thrilled to announce that Dr. Kathy Black will speak at UUCOV on Tuesday, January 24th, 1-2:30pm as part of our Aging and Choices series. Dr. Black is a professor of Aging Studies and Social Work at the Univ of South Fl., Sarasota- Manatee snd is currently The Patterson Foundation Initiative Consultant for Age-Friendly Sarasota. You will be inspired to consider the myriad of ways in which each of us can contribute to our collective age-friendly journeys that enhance community life for all.

Age-Friendly Sarasota is Florida’s first global age-friendly community. This talk will discuss community features that enhance active, healthyAge Friendly Sarasota and engaged living for people at all life stages and abilities. Everyone is a stakeholder in an aging society and we will review the contributions of key sectors including government, nonprofits, businesses, people and communications.