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Spiritual Fellowship Groups

Are you interested in better knowing other members of this great congregation and further to better know yourself?  If the answer is “yes” then the Spiritual Fellowship Group (SFG) program is a great opportunity.

Over 70% of Unitarian Universalist congregations participate in this program, called Covenant Ministry because each participant makes a covenant/promise to give a high priority to attendance. With all that is said held confidential within the group, topics selected by the group range from e.g. "Aging", "Humor" and "Loss" to world events and personal events affecting our lives.

These groups of 7-10 people meet twice monthly from November to April or May. Some groups continue to meet over the summer and, additionally, there is a summer drop-In group open to everyone. Some groups meet in homes while others meet at UUCOV. Presently we have 12 groups. Some are mixed, M/F, some all men and others all women. Facilitators are selected and trained by the SGF Co-Chairs.

Those interested may inquire from Cindy O'Dell -  or 317-370-6705.

Spiritual Fellowship Groups News

UUCOV Spiritual Fellowship Group Announcement


The Spiritual Fellowship Group (SFG) Steering Committee invites UUCOV members and friends to become involved with an ongoing close-knit group of fellow congregants who are “like-minded” in many ways but who also commit to being tolerant and welcoming of alternative beliefs and philosophical positions. Members experience this give and take as invigorating and helpful as they continue to develop their ideas and beliefs concerning spirituality and a myriad of other subjects and attempt to apply these concepts to today’s world.

Spiritual Fellowship Groups led by facilitators are limited to 8-10 members who pledge confidentiality and a commitment to regular attendance at two meetings a month. There are all-women’s, all-men’s, and mixed-gender groups depending on an individual’s preference. Facilitators meet once a month with our minister for training and sharing of ideas to enhance this program. We periodically place new members in ongoing groups as openings occur, but if there are enough applicants, we will then create new groups.

Persons desiring to join a group should contact Cindy O’Dell (317-370-6705 or email: .) Folks who would like to learn more about these groups may speak with Cindy or other members of the SFG Steering Committee including: Wendy Voigt (419-636-1589; ,)Linda Van Zandt (314-277-6738; ,)or Bill Harrison (207-838-2556; .).

UUCOV Spiritual Fellowship Program - A Very Special Opportunity Awaits You

Based on the experience of many members of this congregation, we all can benefit from the sharing, the friendship and support this program offers. 

Trained facilitators convene the groups of 7-10 members twice each month for two hours to discuss timely topics selected by the group.

We covenant/promise to give this program high priority in our lives and value the confidentiality of our discussions.

Openings or new groups will be forming over the next month. 

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