Youth Religious Education

The UUCOV Youth Religious Education (YRE) program
grounds itself in The Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism:

Each person is important

Be kind in all you do

We’re free to learn together

We search for what is true

All people have a voice

Build a fair and peaceful world

We care for planet Earth


We welcome all persons, regardless of:

  • race, ethnicity, national origin;
  • gender or gender identification, affectional preference or sexual orientation;
  • age, physical or mental challenge;
  • social, economic, or marital status.

Youth Religious Education News

Youth Religious Education

We Honor Our Children
On May 28th, Rev. Khleber, DRE Jaye, the YRE teachers and the entire congregation celebrated our children completing the 16/17 "school" year of YRE programming. YRE Committee Chair, Stephanie Zoernack, spoke to the congregation, and specifically to our children, about the growth they have exhibited this year and the spirit and gifts they bring to the teachers, volunteers, and congregation.

  Khleber followed with a blessing where each child was presented with a rose. Of special note, Maggie Fangboner and Kenzie Mickish have   completed elementary school and will begin middle school in August. They received necklaces with a chalice on a sterling silver pendant.   We love, bless and honor our children. Congratulations!!Maggie Fangboner Kenzie Mickish

Mackenzie Zoernack Bridget Mickish

Tamina Mickish


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