Youth Religious Education

The UUCOV Youth Religious Education (YRE) program
grounds itself in The Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism:

Each person is important

Be kind in all you do

We’re free to learn together

We search for what is true

All people have a voice

Build a fair and peaceful world

We care for planet Earth


We welcome all persons, regardless of:

  • race, ethnicity, national origin;
  • gender or gender identification, affectional preference or sexual orientation;
  • age, physical or mental challenge;
  • social, economic, or marital status.

Youth Religious Education News

Youth Religious Education - Our Own Young Women March

PinkSmileyWhat events and opportunities lead young adult women and older women to know their opinions, rights and actions matter? I believe that one invaluable opportunity is to allow and encourage them, when young, to stand up in front of large groups and speak.

I hope you have noticed that our two oldest YRE participants, Maggie Fangboner and Kenzie Mickish have chosen to have an ongoing role reading our Call to Worship. I have seen their confidence and commitment to being a part of the Sunday morning service grow each time they step forward to speak. We are growing our girls to become the women who will speak out and make sure their voices are heard as they march toward young adulthood.

Both Maggie and Kenzie participated in the Women’s March in Sarasota on Jan 21st.