Youth Religious Education

The UUCOV Youth Religious Education (YRE) program
grounds itself in The Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism:

Each person is important

Be kind in all you do

We’re free to learn together

We search for what is true

All people have a voice

Build a fair and peaceful world

We care for planet Earth


We welcome all persons, regardless of:

  • race, ethnicity, national origin;
  • gender or gender identification, affectional preference or sexual orientation;
  • age, physical or mental challenge;
  • social, economic, or marital status.

Youth Religious Education News

Youth Religious Education

As a DRE in a UU congregation, I have been most grateful for the many and fine quality resources available from UUA. One gem is the Tapestry curriculum available for school age children through adults. This year we are using two curriculums for our two age groups in YRE. Each curriculum provides teachers and helpers with all they need to present a Sunday lesson. Teachers can choose what to use and what not to. For example, if a teacher is more of a story teller, she might choose to do the story. If he is more drawn to music or drama, there are options for that as well. There are always at least two art options.

Our two curriculums and a brief summary of focus are:

Grades K-2 (this year the kids named themselves The Peace Group). Love Surrounds Us-This program explores all the Principles in the context of Beloved Community of family/home, school, neighborhood.

Grades 3-5 (this year the kids named themselves The Faith Group). Sing to the Power- This program affirms our Unitarian Universalist heritage of confronting "powers and structures of evil with justice, compassion, and the transforming power of love." Children experience their own power and understand how it can help them to be leaders.

Lastly, I'd like to start 2017 with a big welcome and thank you to Nancy Amorello, our newest YRE teacher. Nancy will be teaching our Peace Group (K-2) once per month.

Rabbi Caminker with ChildrenRabbi Harold Caminker shares a story with YRE during Gathering of the Children .

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