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The Stewardship Council is comprised of the Finance Committee, Legacy Friends, Stewardship, and the Endowment.  It is also responible for monthly oversight, bookkeeping, and any other finance issues for the congregation. 

This council has many different functions and more detail for each is provided in the links to the left. 

Stewardship News

Memorial Gifts

The Memorial Gift Committee receives and acknowledges contributions made to UUCOV in memory of a deceased. You'll find gift forms on the lanai, at the UUCOV office, or by calling Theresa Hake at 941-480-1401.  On receiving a donation and this form, a note of appreciation is sent to the donor, acknowledging the amount and date of the gift. Memorial gifts which are for a restricted or special purpose, or which are of real property or other non-monetary nature, will first be referred to the Board of Directors for disposition. After acceptance by the Board of a restricted gift or property a letter of appreciation will be sent to the donor.