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Annual Giving

The UUCOV community exists only through the generosity of spirit, energy and tangible support of its members.  Through this support we enjoy the services of our dedicated staff and provide wonderful programs. The annual Stewardship Campaign is the primary mechanism we use to solicit annual financial support and provide the majority of the funding to meet our budget each year.

Each year, this committee develops a program to contact each member and friend of the congregation and solicit their expected contribution to the ongoing work of the congregation.  At the present time, this extremely important activity raises about 75% of the funds needed to meet our financial obligations each year.

This committee provides an excellent opportunity for members to be involved in a meaningful way with one another and the programs of UUCOV.  It is a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow members and strengthen ties. If you enjoy planning, logistics, creating celebrations, writing materials and reaching out to others—this is the committee for you!

Stewardship News

Update from Stewardship Committee

DonationBoxWoodThe mission which guides our committee is "To Nurture a Culture of Generosity.” Some of our recent activities include:

Annual Appeal—The Annual Appeal with the theme, "Living our Values", is in full swing and pledge cards and donations have been arriving daily. There has been a robust response from members and friends. We anticipate the Appeal coming to a close by the end of February.

Donation Box—Following several months of study, we recommended to the Trustees that the practice of passing the collection basket be temporarily ended in favor of using a donation box in the Sanctuary. Passing of the basket sends a message that we are all expected to drop something in the basket. This change is part of a larger effort to nurture a culture of generosity with a focus in the many ways that members and friends freely contribute their time, talent, and treasure to the Congregation. In March we plan to review total contributions from all sources and make a recommendation to the Trustees as to how to proceed.

We continue to promote using the internet to financially support UUCOV. Those who want to contribute financial support directly from their financial institutions or via credit card can use the new green Donate button on the UUCOV website.