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Legacy Friends Committee

The UUCOV Legacy Friends (formerly the Heritage Club) was organized in 2005 by a group of committed members of UUCOV.  The purpose of this group is to recognize members of the congregation who have made decisions to include UUCOV in their estate planning.

Many UUCOV members wish to make a deferred gift to UUCOV, either at death or at some time in the future. Gifts of stocks, bonds, life insurance, certificates of deposit, IRA accounts and other tangible assets can be committed now to be given in the future. The donor's word that arrangements for a gift have been completed is enough to qualify for recognition as a member of this group. The donor is responsible for making their own financial and legal arrangements for the gift.  Donors, of course, should consult their own tax or financial advisor prior to making such commitments.

Since its founding, several members have passed away and their gifts have enabled UUCOV to purchase the Asta Linder House, develop and maintain the beautiful Lynch Memorial Garden, and add to the endowment fund.  Such gifts are vital to the long-term growth and financial health of our beloved congregation.  If you would like to consider such an important gift in your future planning please contact the Legacy Friends Chair, John Spitzer.

Legacy Friends Committee News

Why Am I a Legacy Friend?

FeatherPenLinda Underwood writes: That is an easy question for me. I am a legacy member for the same reason that I try to participate fully in UUCOV life. Being a steward in this congregation is vital to me. I was very busy in my previous life with a consuming job and a mother who, in her final years, needed me. I was not aware of what I was missing until I came through the doors of UUCOV.

It is a conscious decision that I want this congregation that is so important in my life to be available to others. And without all our stewardship that will not happen. I gladly give my time and resources currently and I have chosen to be a legacy member to help ensure the longevity of this congregation for others and for our community.

To join Legacy Friends or to get information about planned giving, please contact John Spitzer at 319- 331-5914 or .

Why Am I a Legacy Friend?

FeatherPenBarb Smith, speaking for herself and Dick, says: The words from a new friend, "Barbara, you sound like a Unitarian” initiated a 49 year relationship with the Unitarian Universalist movement.

Dick and I maintain relationships with three UU churches, one with a 315 year old New England institutional history and Unitarian heritage; another with 1830 Universalist roots, a history of Sojourner Truth giving her “Ain’t I a Woman?” speech within its walls, and an 1860’s revitalization when the Universalists built a college in that city; and, of course, UUCOV. Dick and I appreciated being able to raise our children in a strong UU religious education program where they were also active participants in youth programs.

In contemplating a move to Florida and considering the importance to us of maintaining a relationship with a UU community and its values, we surfed the internet to identify Florida locations with a UU congregation. When we moved to Venice, we prepared for a drive to Sarasota but were delighted to learn, almost concurrently, a UU congregation was being formed in Venice.

We are very proud of the development of UUCOV and the founders who provided the leadership, skills, hard work, and resources to make it possible. When I look around the congregation on Sunday mornings, I recall the specific gifts of various individuals who remain loyal congregation members. Even in its early days, UUCOV initiated a tradition of spearheading community work consistent with its mission.

It’s important to Dick and me that there is an ongoing presence in Venice of UU values and community leadership. We have designated a legacy to UUCOV.

To join Legacy Friends or to get information about planned giving, please contact John Spitzer: 319- 331-5914 or