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Committee News

Below lists the most recent committee news as published in the Connection. To view news by category, choose the appropriate council link to the left.  Each council page provides a description of what that council covers and lists published articles for that council.

Lifespan Education and Social Justice news is not included. For those items, go to their webpages by clicking on the menu above.

A Thank You to Nan

A thank you celebration is being planned for the May 28th Sunday service to acknowledge Nan’s work and support to all of us over her years as UUCOV’s Office Administrator. She has tirelessly supported the Teams, Committees, several ministers, Boards of Trustees and the congregation. She has put our dates on calendars, designed and printed our flyers, put together annual reports, found us rooms for meetings, counseled us through computer issues, photographed events, and reminded us of deadlines. She produced our UUCOV history video, shared her art with us, and prepared countless orders of service.
At the May 28th celebration we plan to give Nan a token of our appreciation. Anyone wishing to donate toward this may send a check to Joel Morrison made out to UUCOV with “Nan Kritzler’s gift” in the memo line. These can be placed in the donation box, mailed, or placed in the Waters Hall mailbox for the Finance Team. In addition, Eileen Leapley and Linda Underwood will be available at church on Sundays to collect any cash donations that you might want to make. A card will be available for all to sign. (For those away, let Eileen or Linda know and they will add your name). Let’s show Nan how important her service to us has been!

Why Am I a Legacy Friend?

Pat Schwing writes: Dick & I are honored to have been asked to testify, if you will, to our reasoning behind our decision to become Legacy Friends to UUCOV.     
This has become a deeply felt commitment initiated in the Birmingham Unitarian Church in Michigan where we served in a number of leadership roles including on the Endowment Committee. Having been nurtured and educated to the deep-seated commitment to the future of this religious movement for 50+ years we are deeply committed to seeing our free religious movement progress & nourish many more souls as it has ours.
One does not have to be wealthy to participate. We simply must set aside funds in our estate plan which will be donated to UUCOV for use in the growth of this great congregation. Won't you consider joining us in this endeavor?
To join Legacy Friends or to get information about planned giving, please contact John Spitzer at 319- 331-5914 or .


SanctuaryPath200  UUCOV would like to add additional benches to the front patio and replace the wooden ones in the Memorial Garden area under the big tree. We also have been requested to consider installing a bike rack to aid those biking to services or meetings. If you have an interest in donating a bench or bike rack, please contact Linda Underwood,
We are asked from time to time for ideas to memorialize a loved one. A bench with a plaque is an excellent option. The straight benches for under the tree are about $1,000 each and the curved benches are about $1,200 each. An individual or a group might consider a memorial bench. The bike rack is about $975.

Seeking a New Coordinator

The Fiscal Team is seeking the next UUCOV Travel Coordinator. Nancy Ryder, during her long and successful tenure, has accumulated materials that are invaluable and is eager to share them with the next Coordinator. If interested email Joel Morrison .

For New(ish) Members

As you make your way through the many activities that beckon week by week here at UUCOV, you may find yourself wondering how and where to get involved in an ongoing way. Don’t miss out on the specific requests for your idea, your energy, your creativity. As an example, check out “How Do We Make A Difference” (below, under Social Justice).


Countdown to Sicily #4

Sicily As we count down to this splendid trip, be aware that the trip is filled, but if you are interested in going, contact Nancy Ryder, , to be put on the waiting list.

Countdown to Sicily #5


Siracusa, Syracuse to us, had the world’s first cooking school and now has the only school of classical drama outside Athens. Come with us to the theatre and the food! Visit Sicily with UUCOV in September 16 to 27, 2017 for good food and fun. For trip information contact Nancy Ryder, .

For New(ish) Members


For ‘old-timers’ as well, the distinction between two ‘publications’:

Happenings (plural) a weekly events bulletin (emailed to all and included in the Sunday Order of Service). Put together by our office manager, Salli Clarke. Deadline for copy: 9am each Thursday.

Connection (singular) a monthly compendium of news, events, reminders, views, and more (emailed to all with hard copies also available on the lanai) Editor, Leie Carmody. Deadline for copy: Midnight the 20th each month.

Looking for a Special Person

HandsRaisedAre you familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order? Do you have experience with these rules in meetings?

Please, please contact Dave Lyon at or 765-215-4329.

What is General Assembly?

2017GAGeneral Assembly (GA) is the annual national gathering of UUs to conduct business, learn, sing, listen to really good speakers and be totally inspired. So, who goes? And what happens there? And what does it cost? How long does it last? What do you actually do?

These and any other questions will be answered in an informal Q & A in Water’s Hall on Saturday, February 18th, 1-2pm and Monday, February 20th, 4-5pm. So, stop by....find out more. This year’s GA will be in New Orleans, LA!! ...this GA will be not only close, but at a terrific venue.

For Adult Eyes Only

greetingNow’s the time, folks! Ignore the good advice you heard as a child. TALK TO STRANGERS. On Sunday mornings and at any UUCOV event, – members and friends alike - do the opposite of what you were taught. TALK TO STRANGERS!

Too often, we hear, “I was a visitor one Sunday morning and while everyone was hugging and chatting around me, no one talked to me”. That is a tough thing for one to hear when we are striving so hard to be the welcoming and loving congregation that we think we are. But we are not always welcoming to everyone. So once you sit down, please, say hello to the persons sitting next to you whether you know them or not. It is everyone’s challenge/pleasure to talk to strangers at UUCOV. If you are visitor, say hello. If you are a member, tell a strangers you are glad to see them. Don’t listen to your mother – talk to strangers.