Many paths. One welcoming and diverse community.

President's Monthly Message

From the President

The Results are in You are very generous!!!

LyonDave150In December 2016, Donation Boxes, crafted by Dave Williams, were introduced for a trial period. The Stewardship Committee made this recommendationDonationBoxWood to encourage members and friends to respond to their own spirit of generosity and remove the pressure to contribute that can be associated with “passing the basket”. The board agreed to a trial period with the agreement that the results would be analyzed and a decision would be made based on the results.
The Fiscal Team completed a four-month comparison. The plate total collected for the period December, 2015 thru March, 2016 was $4493. The donation box total for the period December, 2016 thru March, 2017 was $7296. This is a 62% increase!!
Since the amount collected in December, 2015 was extremely low, a three month comparison was made. The total collected for the period January, 2016 thru March, 2016 was $3882. The donation box total for the comparable three months, January, 2017 thru March, 2017 was $4961. A 28% increase!!
Based on these results the Fiscal Team, the Finance Committee, and the Stewardship Committee recommended to the Board of Trustees that the use of the Donation Boxes permanently replace the passing of collection plates at Sunday services; your Board of Trustees approved the recommendation. The collection of funds for UUCOV-supported charities will continue to be by passing the collection plates on one Sunday each month.

We hope, through the continued work of the Stewardship Committee, the Legacy Committee, and the Finance Committee, to continue to grow a sense of joyful generosity and for each of us to contribute to the stewardship of UUCOV in our own ways.

President's Message

LyonDave150  On March 25, 2017 at the UUCOV annual meeting, the congregation voted to support the UUA Declaration of Conscience joining over 300+ other UU congregations in support. In true UU fashion we spoke for and against signing the Declaration as a congregation. We supported our principle, "the use of the democratic process within our congregation.”  My regret: The unanticipated hurt and, in some cases, anger and the unacceptable words used by some. We have experienced a breach in our covenantal behavior. We failed to “listen with openness and acceptance.”  In the beginning this issue seemed so simple. My hope is that we will come together stronger, that our core beliefs, our mutual caring, and the feeling we had when we signed the book to join UUCOV will pull us together, stronger than ever.

Also at the Annual Meeting, we voted to modernize our lanai, transitioning it from a screened in porch to a welcoming gateway to our sanctuary. It will have sliding glass doors, windows and exit doors on the side. We also anticipate much more space to display upcoming event fliers and announcements for community events.

During the coming year, 2017-18, we anticipate holding meetings to discuss our future facility needs. I have heard talk of a fellowship hall, a gazebo, a shelter with a roof and picnic tables, and an amphitheater. We will talk and discuss these and other options and how they could help us achieve our mission and vision. We will explore what we could do with these facilities that we can’t do now.

Speaking of our mission, our Mission Statement Task Force has been meeting regularly over the past months exploring and defining our mission. I anticipate this will be condensed into a new, proposed mission statement that will be presented to the congregation. I so appreciate the time and effort this group has spent on a difficult, challenging task.

In the coming months I feel we should look ahead to the needs of UUCOV. The facility study is one part. Another is to explore our future staffing needs. We need to determine where we are going and what is required to get there. This question needs input from the congregation and we intend to provide the venues for that to happen.

Sharyl and I will be back in Indiana by the time you read this. We are putting our condominium up for sale in order to be year-round Venice residents. We will return whenever the real estate transaction is complete. In my absence, Linda Underwood, your Vice President will be in charge of the day-to-day activities.

See you in the fall!
Dave Lyon

President’s Corner

LyonDave150In my working life, I had a boss who after an extremely difficult day would say: “Are we having fun yet?”

What a season! And have we had fun??

On March 5 we had 269 attendees for Sunday services!

Was the Auction great? Have you enjoyed what you purchased? My wife and I have gone to three homes for fabulous food and loads of laughs.

Have you seen the new DONATE button on the UUCOV web site? A very easy way to pay your pledge on a monthly basis; either from your bank account or on your credit card. If you would like assistance setting up this method, seek out Dan Hadley.

How about the programs? Jaye Williams has done a fantastic job. The most frequent comment I hear is “I can’t do it all! There is just too much.”

Family Promise has been a major Social Justice effort for which many of us volunteer to help. Temporarily homeless families spend a week in Asta Linder and we supply food, host dinner, spend overnights, and prepare breakfast. Your Board of Trustees recently approved making Asta Linder available to Family Promise for up to 8 weeks each calendar year.

General Assembly is in New Orleans this year! What a great venue. We have many who plan to attend will you join them? A new President of our Unitarian Universalist Association will be elected and for the first time she will be a woman!

Have you met Salli Clarke our new Office Administrator? She is a great addition as our beloved Nan eases closer to retirement by limiting her time to keeping our financial books.

At this time of year, we say good bye to many who will be journeying north. We will miss you but just think how great this season has been! Stay healthy, keep in-touch, and we will see you soon.

President’s Message March 2017

LyonDave150UUCOV Mission Statement: Our mission is to build a welcoming and diverse community, which encourages growth of the human spirit, the free search for truth and meaning, and active participation in social and community affairs.

Is this who we are? Can you tell what it means? Is it clear, concise and easy to remember? Many of us feel we can do better!

For instance, our Stewardship Committee adopted the following as its mission statement: To nurture a culture of generosity.

Wow! Short, concise, and very descriptive.

In mid-February a task force was convened at the request of our Minister, myself and Vice-president Linda Underwood. Following an exchange of UU experiences, the group accepted the challenge of re-visiting our mission and subsequently proposing a new mission statement to the congregation.

Have some ideas? Some thoughts on our mission? Please share them in the upcoming weeks with the task force members: Dale Povenmire, Donna Schafer, Bonnie Norton, Linda Van Zandt, Tim Saltonstall, Mark Murray, Dave Jewett, Pam MacFarlane and Marty King.

Our decisions at UUCOV, be they financial, spiritual or educational, should be supporting our mission. Our congregation, due to our many, many activities, has been described as a train flying down the tracks with no destination. Let’s hope this task force focuses our efforts and gives us direction

President's Message

LyonDave150This month Linda Underwood and I thought we would together share with you some exciting news. After hearing from many of you and listening to many suggestions, the Board has given the Campus Team approval to go forward with two badly needed projects.

First, sound absorbent panels have been ordered for the lanai and will be installed soon. We heard you when you expressed your unhappiness with the noise level in the lanai. (Prior to the panels being installed, the lanai will be painted.)

Second, we will make the front patio more inviting. We will expand the front walkway to create a large semicircular patio in the front of our sanctuary for people to gather before and after services. We envision this patio surrounded by several curved benches and gardens and our Garden/Grounds Group has already started on a plan. In addition, options are being explored to provide shade to this patio.

In addition to those projects, our UUCOV signs on Pinebrook and Edmonson will be totally refurbished: to accomplish this, they will be removed from our property for a couple of weeks. This effort is being led by our Communications Team.

These projects would not be possible without the stewardship and nurturing that you provide. Many volunteer hours have gone into and will go into actualizing the above ventures. The funding for these projects will come from both our annual giving and our endowment funds. The Board wishes that those who have been so generous to the endowment should reap some of the benefit, so a small percentage of the endowment will be used for these projects.

So as we continue to grow in numbers, we also grow our physical plant. This is stewardship in action – volunteers giving their time and energy, in love, to support our congregation: donated funds utilized to improve the sanctuary for all.