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Common Good

capitolbuildingThe mission of the Common Good committee is to show how individuals can help to solve social and environmental justice problems at the source. We work closely with UU Justice Florida (, the UU Service Committee, and interfaith and secular partners for public policy and social change. By taking actions together, we empower the voice of our Unitarian Universalist values in the public arena and make a difference on critical issues such as escalating inequality, climate change, and justice for all.

We are trying to solve problems at the source so they don’t keep happening again.

You can participate as you have time in actions for systemic change even as you focus on hands-on help in the community. Here are some of the actions we can take together:

  • Civic engagement and public witness: events, rallies, and contacts with local, state and federal officials
  • Coordinated communication: letter-writing, petition-signing, blogging, social media outreach
  • Education: forums, worship services, films
  • Voter participation: encouraging voter registration, voter education, voter involvement, and opposing voter suppression.

Please sign up on the Common Good/UU Justice Florida list at the Social Justice table in the lanai for alerts on timely actions we can take. Together we can make a difference!

Common Good News

Issues for the Common Good

All UUCOVers can help get the BIG MONEY out of elections and restore democracy statewide and countywide by gathering signatures for two petition drives. Both must be completed by December 31 of this year. Petitions are available at the Social Justice table. Francie Storey will give them to you and collect them once you gather signed petitions from your friends and neighbors. Just “take five” and bring them back completed. That will be a big help.

petitions1State petition drive: The Voting Restoration Amendment will restore the voting rights of 1,700,000 ex-felons in Florida who have fulfilled their debt to society and now lack all civil rights. Florida is only one of three states in the nation (including Kentucky and Iowa) that prevent ex-felons from voting. 700,000 petitions are needed statewide to put this on the ballot in November, 2018. Every one we gather will help.

County petition drive: for single-member district elections for County Commissioners and Charter Review Board members. 17,000 petitions are needed in Sarasota County by December 31 to put these on the ballot March 13, 2018 along with the School Board election. These will restore local control to our elections, help get the BIG MONEY out, and make our elected officials more accountable to the voters. Thanks to volunteers on the Common Good Committee, the Social Justice table on the lanai will be staffed and maintained all summer long.

Also, here’s a great way to impact our federal representatives. Indivisible meetings will be held all summer at the Jacaranda Library, along with actions to reach our Congressman. Check and email to find out when the meetings will be held and how you can help. Contact Billie Chambers at to join the letter-writing group and have letters published in the Herald-tribune and the Gondolier-Sun. Together, guided by our UU Principles, raising our voices on issues of importance, we can make a difference!