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Even Florida Has Cold Nights

As the colder months are almost upon us, the UUCOV Social Justice Community Outreach Committee would like to spotlight the Cold Weather Shelter as a volunteer opportunity where we all can make a great contribution. The Shelter is an on-call service where volunteers are called upon to help the local homeless population in any of several ways.
Grace United Methodist Church on the island of Venice supplies the space and kitchen for the Shelter. Volunteers are needed to help with either serving dinner or breakfast, and others are needed to socialize for a few hours in the evening with the people using the shelter. Other volunteers are needed to stay overnight. The overnight stay is done in two shifts: either 11pm-3am or 3am-7am.
If you are looking for a worthwhile opportunity to help in our community, please consider volunteering at the Cold Weather Shelter. You can contact Eileen Leapley   or Phil Veach and Steve Batchelor .