Many paths. One welcoming and diverse community.

Sundays at UUCOV

Services are held at 10:00am
at our Sanctuary at 1971 Pinebrook Road, unless otherwise noted.

Adult RE at 9:00  in the Asta Linder House, unless otherwise noted.

Social time 11:00 on the lanai in the sanctuary.

You are invited to any combination of activities Sunday morning. We look forward to seeing you!

Worship Services

May 21
Service: "All That Jazz"

Rev. Michael McGee. Duke Ellington wrote, "Jazz has always been like the kind of a man you wouldn't want your daughter to associate with." Jazz does have an unsavory reputation for some, but for many others jazz is at the heart of American music and democracy.

May 28
Service: “Question Box Sermon”

Memorial Day. Rev. Khleber Van Zandt. You may have heard it said, “He who asks a question risks being a fool for five minutes, but he who doesn’t ask risks being a fool forever.” Today the minister will invite you to write down questions to be answered during the sermon portion of worship. It’s a risky proposition in both directions: you asking, and the minister attempting to answer. In the process, hopefully we’ll all learn something. If you already have questions, you may forward them ahead of time to   or to .

June 4
Service: "The Golden Rule"

Rabbi Harold Caminker. What Might Happen If We Really Loved Our Neighbors As Much As We Love Ourselves? Rabbi Harold F. Caminker is currently the spiritual leader of the Jewish Congregation of Venice in Venice, Florida. He was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.

June 11
Service: “A Muslim in the Family”

Rev. Khleber Van Zandt. Guess who’s coming to dinner? Our new Muslim son-in-law, that’s who! How shall we prepare our common table for the differences that are likely to surface?

June 18
Service: “Growing Illiberalism”

Fathers’ Day. Rev. Khleber Van Zandt. One small step beyond progressive liberalism, a strident illiberalism seems to be taking hold in conversations on the left. How can we maintain a progressive stance without becoming illiberal ourselves?


Adult Exploration

May 28, 09:00am
Adult RE:"A 'Natural' Revolutionary-Thomas Paine"

From the Great Course Cycles of American Political Thought-This session explores the life and legacy of Thomas Paine, who acted as town crier for the new world order of liberalism.

June 4, 09:00am
Adult RE: "John Adams-Constitutionalist"

From the Great Course Cycles of American Political Thought-In this session, Adams' contribution to American political history is examined through his works and writings.

June 11, 09:00am
Adult RE: "A Political Constitution"

From the Great Course Cycles of American Political Thought-In this session, we investigate how the Constitution was shaped by the competing needs and concerns of delegates from all over the 13 counties.

June 18, 09:00am
Adult RE: "A Philosophical Constitution-Faction"

From the Great Course Cycles of American Political Thought-In this session, we trace how The Federalist Papers contended with majority factions.