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Telling Lies, Telling the Truth, and Giving Advice! When and How Much?

The little white lie, the social lie, the keep-the-peace lie, the clear-the-air truth, the truth above everything truth?

Summer is here and it is wedding season, graduation season, visit the family season. Are we going to hang saints and heroes on the family tree? Or will we admit grandpa was a lout who dressed beautifully and never worked a day in his life? What did you do in the war? Why did you run away from home?

Will you allow yourself to brag? My mother-in-law never mentioned that she graduated first in her class at Teachers College; we found out by accident!

Giving Advice? Never? Sometimes? Hysterically, when you see their boat is about to go over Niagara? Navigating the waters among lies, truth, and advice giving is a tricky business.

Meigs Glidewell will bring some research relating to these adventures in communication, and facilitate the discussion. Meigs holds a Master of Education degree from Harvard Graduate School of Education.